Women’s Best BCAA Product Review

  Good Morning you lovely lot!! You all voted, and I listened! Ever since I shared that first picture of the Ice Peach Tea BCAA tub I have received so many messages asking what it is, does it actually taste like Peach Ice Tea and the main question - where can I get some!! This... Continue Reading →

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The Benefits of Carb-Cycling

Good morning you lovely lot! Sorry for the quiet spell on the blog, it's been pretty hectic at Amy Lee headquarters! Planning loads of upcoming bits and my online coaching books will be opening again soon, it's all very exciting! So I figured this week I'd hit you all up with some diet info and... Continue Reading →

Maximuscle Progain Product Review

Hi guys, hope we're all ready for the heat wave this week! It'll probably get to 19degrees, but lets face it that's better than the weather we've been having!! Enough about our Yorkshire weather, decided on an alternative protein shake review for you all! Ok, totally wrong time to talk about bulk phase but I... Continue Reading →

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