How I’ve Coped with loss & emotional weight loss

I guess I should start with an apology, I didn’t realise my last post was 7 long months ago. It just goes to show how fast time flies and how much can happen in a short space of time!

Not a happy go lucky post today I’m afraid my lovelies, I wanted to touch base with the impact of emotional weight loss. I’d personally not experienced this until recently, the lack of updates will become clear.

I’ll talk you through my last 7 months…

So in June I competed again at the Miss Harrogate Fitness, I truly worked my arse off…however I didn’t place as well as I’d hoped. I did however learn how much I could push my physical being without breaking, that’s the easy part! Mentally and emotionally being in control was a whole other game! I did ok with my diet, my downside is I enjoy food…and a variety of food so restricting myself into thinking ‘food for fuel’ was my struggle! I did it though, and that’s the achievement! Standing infront of a room of people and literately having them judge a book by it’s cover takes guts. Guts I never really knew I had!

I decided to have a break and some down time after the competition, I think I had Dominoes on speed dial the next two months! I even stopped training, I just needed a complete break.

Meanwhile in the background one of my oldest and closest friends had been quite ill. The the C-bomb was dropped, yup. My friend had cancer. I’d be lying if I said I could face it and cope with it, I couldn’t.

I made sure to message her and keep up to date and to just try and ‘be there’ …this through my training completely out the window. I tried to keep myself busy, if I just didn’t think or feel I was ok. Any distraction was a good distraction, even if it was painful.

Another friend & I had booked tickets to head over to the Leeds O2 for a gig. It’s my one escape, I let go and forget everything! I just concentrate on the music, I feel it in my heart and I’m just at ease with the universe.

We saw Black Veil Brides, can’t say I’m a huge fan but I enjoy their live set up!

We’re all waiting for the encore, I’m mucking about…pushing people out the way to get closer to the front. We’re dancing and laughing, they come out and perform ‘In The End’ which oddly is a song I know! So I’m lost in the moment, and I forget all the pain, all the worries and in that moment I’m content.

Now I generally always have my phone on me, it’s very rare it’s not within reaching distance. This night was different, I’d put it in my friends bag and I’d completely forgotten about it!

So we got back in the car, laughing and joking.

Friday 17th October just before midnight I read a message that would change my future forever. My friend had passed away.

All I had to do was say her name, my friends knew. Minimal words were spoken on the way home. We had the radio blasting out. All I could think was ‘I’m being punked, this isn’t real. I’ll message her when I’m home’

I got through the door and went straight onto Facebook. She wasn’t online and hadn’t been for hours.

Had she really gone? Had I honestly lost the one person who really understood me?

I was numb, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t cry. I felt nothing, and nothing is a scary place to be.

My work were absolutely amazing and I couldn’t ask for better support! I tried to carry on, I tried to act normal. I had a PT client in and she had recently lost her grandma so it helped to talk to her.

After my session I had to dash into my car, it was as if I hit a brick wall. Before I’d shut the door behind me I was in a heap on my drivers seat. I was completely broken, I couldn’t stop crying so attempted to drive home in the catastrophic state I was in!

I made it as far as my sofa, I didn’t move for hours.

This is how loss feels? True loss of someone I loved unconditionally.

I couldn’t work, I couldn’t do anything without breaking down.

This is where the slippery slope started. I found out her funeral was to be held on the 27th October. I also offered to stand up and speak. I still had that little voice in my head telling me it wasn’t real, it’s all just a bad dream and I’m about to wake up any minute. I’d managed to keep an appetite at this point….the thought of exercise didn’t even enter my head! Had to message all my clients and just put the breaks on training anyone.

How could I motivate and train others when I could barely get by day to day just ‘being’.

The day came too quick, someone who should’ve been there to support me wasn’t. This I’ll never forgive.

The dress code was to wear something she would’ve liked. So in true Charlotte fashion, I wore my platform spiked Jeffrey Campbell lolita’s & a marvel avengers sweetheart dress! I had peach coloured into my hair & I put some flower clips in as she always had random clips in, normally skeleton hands but flowers seemed appropriate.


There were so many people, I was so touched so many people attended! I had a reserved seat as I was speaking, I was shaking, my legs were jelly. But I couldn’t see her…she wasn’t there.

The worst thing I’ve ever had to experience is seeing my friends carry my closest friend to say goodbye.

This wasn’t a nightmare, I’m not waking up. I prayed and prayed to just wake up and for it to not be real.

I then had to stand and speak, how can I compress 17 years? How can anyone understand how important you were to me? No one has the memories I have.

I wrote a poem to remind myself of her, and to celebrate everything she was to me.

Below is my piece I read;

We based our lives on youth & whiskey,
We danced until the sun came up.
You proved to the world what it was to be yourself,
My fallen angel.

You taught the world to take joy in individuality,
I’m still trying to breathe,
Trying to figure it out.
You were the most colourful soul.
I hope you are now free,
My fallen angel.

New rocks & fish nets,
Makeup & mayhem,
We never followed Dorothy’s yellow brick road.
We only wanted to be ourselves,
You gave me the confidence to question the world.

Pink hair, piercings, tattoos,
You challenged the world.
I always loved you,
& I always will,
My fallen angel.


I struggled to get my words out, but I managed to get through it and broke down when I got back to my seat.

The hardest part was laying my poem and a flower for a friend who was unable to attend. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see and I fell into the arms of my friend as I almost fell to my knees.

I couldn’t comprehend how hard that day would be. The wake was beautiful, Tasha had set all her tea sets out and it was perfectly Charlotte!

It was the days that followed that hit. I kept myself busy, I have a puppy so it’s pretty easy! I found myself walking him for hours in a day, the only problem was my meals were getting more and more irregular.

I never realised how important a support network was. I wasn’t talking, I just kept to myself and it got to the point I was eating one meal a day. Which was a bowl of cereal, I just couldn’t cope. The one person who could’ve helped and should’ve seen my downward spiral didn’t. I was walking up to 5miles a day and eating less than 500cals a day.

I lost 1/2 stone in one week. That’s a lot for anyone, I’m 5ft1 & was 8stone… I was starting to slip below 7 & 1/2 stone.

I couldn’t help my friend, I couldn’t control the universe. But I could control myself, this of course signalled alarm bells to me.

I knew if I didn’t get a hold of myself and get back on track it could get a lot worse and very quickly.

I started to eat small meals more regularly and I started to build up my support network. I’d just learnt life is too short to lie to yourself and others. I told everyone how I felt about them, I pulled in the people I need in my life and cut ties with the ones I don’t want in my life. I need people who love me and who will look after me, I need the people who were there in my moments of need.

My weight still isn’t all the way back up, but it’s getting there! I talk to the people who put a smile on my face, I talk to the people I care about and I’m never going to waste another minute.

So how do we cope with emotional weight loss?

Make sure you set up that support network, it’s a safety net for if you fall. They know what you’re going through & they will be the ones to pull you through the other side.

We also have to find the moments of truth in our moments of pain. My friend taught me life is too short, stop saying ‘tomorrow, next year, when I reach this goal’

If you want something, go for it!! What’s the worst that can happen? Do not take loved ones for granted, tell the ones you love that you love them. Not that bullshit ‘luv ewe’ no! Look them in the fucking eye and mean it with every inch of your soul! You may never get that chance again, so make every moment count!

Emotion weight loss will slow your metabolism down, but you can get that back. Your main priority is to increase the calories.

Ia few tricks of mine are;

Toast with Nutella & sliced banana, blended protein shakes mixed with milk or full fat yoghurt. Eat a pizza, eat some cake….live life and love it!

Always opt for the higher calorie option, just make sure you’re still getting your lean protein, complex carbs, fibrous veggies and healthy fats in there.

I’ve found meeting friends out for meals and coffee has really helped. They know where I am in my emotional state and they make sure I eat. Like I said earlier, everyone at work has been fantastic and has made sure I’ve been eating…and eating real food!

I’d be lost without the people who have helped me through this, and they know who they are. They also know how much I love them.

Sorry for the essay guys, and sorry it’s not as light hearted as normal!

I’ll update you all soon ready for the new year! Any questions, please just drop me an email and as always I’ll try and help as best I can!!

Start tomorrow a new you xox









R-Evolve is our future already made?

Hope everyone’s having a great bank holiday weekend!! I realised the other day it has been far too long since I last updated you all!! I can’t really remember what I was rambling about in that post, so I’ll just go with what I’ve been thinking!

So today I attended a Optimum Nutrition seminar with Shaun Stafford & Steve Cook, I wasn’t sure what to expect but was excited none the less! As I only won one seat it meant going on my own, now I’m not unaccustomed to spending time on my own but I really did some thinking & reflecting!

Initially I got lost, well not lost. Misdirected …I have a rubbish sense of direction. I found the car park ok, it was finding the lecture room I needed to be in which was posing the problem. Thankfully the que of boys was a pretty certain give away!

Both Shaun & Steve explained a bit about their lives & how they got to where they are today. This for me was inspiring, it cemented the fact that not everyone has had it easy in life. Nothing will beat hard work, gratitude, compassion & caring for others.

It was after this that I got totally drenched in Leeds, I just had a wonder around. Being on my own I actually felt a little lost, I couldn’t make a decision of what to do..this also ended up in being caught out in a utter down pour! I eventually found a quiet-ish coffee house to sit down & try dry off a little.

I love people watching, I watch & help people train everyday of my life. So how people portray themselves intrigues me. Coffee in hand, I actually reflected a little bit more on the seminar & I guess I started to try & work out what makes me tick.

I have my local bikini show in a week, cannot believe how quickly it has come around! Reflecting on what makes me, well me. I started to wonder why I put myself through this chaos. It’s actually pretty simple, my life hasn’t been a straight path. No one handed me a map, a cheque & a ‘how to guide’. I’ve had to work the world, & the people in it for myself.

I also realised I’ll never be happy with my best, I’m a perfectionist. My best is only as good as last months numbers, to the world I’m a number. It’s making the world care again, to stop calculating. To live in this precise moment, & really live it. I was bullied as a kid, I was verbally abused most at school…got punched in the face once, pushed into doors a few others. I was called every name under the sun, so guess what? I believed it (briefly). I let them win, I let them make me think the world didn’t care. I do have to say, this doesn’t go away. There are still people today who try to drag me down, although when you get older less people do it to your face. People try to cover up what they’ve done & said, thankfully some people can’t lie for bollocks!

So even now, I battle with my inner demons of ‘you’re not good enough’ ‘they don’t like you’ ‘you can’t achieve that’. So with all this going on in my head, some days it’s hard to think. It’s hard to clear the fog.

But I do.

Because I’ve learnt I can achieve anything I put my mind too, because I am good enough.

So, why the crazy competitions & training? Steve cook put this into perspective for me today.

Because I can control it.

In this whirlwind of self-doubt, self-sabotage & individuals stabbing me in the back…I can focus everything into my training. I can put my iPod on, channel all the negativity pushed upon me & utilise it to be the best version of myself. If it means you still don’t like me, ok.

I can’t please everyone, let alone myself. I will always have an opinion of myself, some days better than others but I need to be happy in the moment. I need to believe my best is enough

Is our future already made, or are we truly able to pave it ourselves?

I believe it is what we make it, each decision we make cements a slab in place. It’s up to us to create the best chance in life. I’ll be honest, I’ve been pretty complacent. Pretty relaxed. I’ve had no urgency in life, but I’ve not been ‘living’ life either. I let moments pass me by, I take moments for granted. I also believe in a bit of chance, & we’re meant to meet people in our moments of need. I never thought I’d get a seat in the fitness seminar, but I did.

By chance I saw the tweet by Optimum Nutrition, was it chance or was it meant to be?

It was just what I needed after a pretty terrible week. Looking back, I made it a terrible week because I let my demons win. Instead of having a word with myself, I emotionally beat myself up.

If someone has a problem with you, it’s not you. They’re reflecting their emotional problems onto you! They don’t want or can’t deal with their demons, so they project it onto someone else. Generally, making them feel better.

I think it’s about time I sat down with my demons & made them a strong cup of coffee.

In regards to the future? Well, I’ve only just started on that bad boy. I’ve got some ideas floating around in this brain of mine.

The most important thing I learnt today? The difference I make to people’s lives. I truly care about each & every one of my clients, their goal becomes my goal. I’m on that journey with them & I’ll do what ever it takes to support them every step of the way. I guess I could care a bit too much, I’d rather care too much than not at all! I want to help them on that journey, to fight those demons & just have them see how amazing they truly are.

Pretty intense for a Saturday night eh?! I did have a couple of photos of me practicing my poses…but you’ll have to wait I’m afraid! No doubt they will go on Instagram first 😉 my diets not amazing, but I know it. Now because I know it, I’ve admitted it, I’ve faced it…I can deal with it! This last week I completely lost my appetite, I really did hit a rock bottom.

Until you face it, it won’t change. Tomorrow is a brand new day, you should only look to the past to see how far you’ve come!

I’m also moving on Tuesday, yes I know. Not great planning five days out from a show, it wasn’t planned…chance just took it’s course once again! So my bedroom looks more like a cardboard box room, downstairs is chaos & I actually can’t find half my belongings!

I won’t be in my best condition on Sunday, that’s not me doubting. That’s me being completely honest, my life has no routine at the moment.

So, I plan on doing a photo-shoot in July. This will give me a full four weeks in my new place, hopefully with a better routine!

Sorry if this post was a bit heavy, it’s healthy to reflect. I’ve come along way, but I’ve got some inner healing to do. I need to make peace & bring some calm to my life.

Have a great weekend guys, thank you for your support! It means so much to me 😘 xx

Week one complete – So that’s how many left now?

Hi guys,

how are we all doing? So the weather is pretty horrendous eh? I’m all nice and cosy sat in my onesie having a cup of tea, not too bad. Although my alarm is set for 5am, it’s not all peachy! I wanted to update you all on what I’m doing (it’s all exciting stuff), obviously I have spoken about competing before and I have now started my prep.

Know when you have those ideas, you know the ones. You think it’s great and then when it comes to go time you look yourself in the mirror and go ‘really, you really thought this was a good idea’

yeah, that was me during my first week of prep! Last year I was watching Carly Newson on instagram, she’s a nike trainer and sponsored ON athlete. She was competing last year at the Miami Pro, so I watched her progression over the months during the build up to her first show and she is my inspiration, she’s an amazing lady! You can find out more about Carly here.

Anyway, she did an amazing job and the foods she was eating just gob-smacked me. I was expecting the old ‘Chicken, brown rice and broccoli’ routine but it wasn’t, it was flexible dieting.

So wait, I can eat what I want and still get in competition shape? Really?

I then started to look at who was coaching her and found Sharif Lawton, at the beginning of the year I contacted Sharif to chat about options to get started on competition prep and what was available. Without even committing to training with Sharif he was so helpful, he went above and beyond to advise me on how best to get started and I sent him some info through for a week for him to initially have a look at. Having someone want to help you without you even agreeing to anything is so refreshing, I’m used to the usual ‘sign on the dotted line, pay ‘X’ amount and THEN i will help you’. I was actually surprised at the amount of effort he went to just to help me.

So after my ‘consultation week’ shall we call it, I decided it was a definite. So I’m happy to say Sharif is now coaching me for the shows this year. If you want to check out some of the stuff Sharif has been doing you can check his site out here.  As I have only just started I honestly have not given myself much time so I am being 100% open to the fact I may not be show ready in time. I’m just hoping if I get my head down and work my arse off the results will follow. I am currently aiming to compete in Bikini at the UKBFF in April, however if I am not 100% I will be looking for a later show. If I am still unable to register for any later shows I am going to take the opportunity to do some fitness photo-shoots instead. This process is a real learning curve as I have NEVER put this much effort into anything I have done before. I competed at my local show last year, but if I’m completely honest…I have probably worked harder in the last week than I did for the few months leading up to that show.

determination, Dedication, Commitment, Belief

So, what does my prep consist of? That my friends, is a secret 😉 I will tell you the basics however. I have a full macro breakdown to follow, again the foods I eat are completely my choice….as long as I hit those numbers. This I’m still getting used to, I’ve had months of eating what I want and not tracking a thing that I have put into my body. So to do a full 360 and now track everything it’s getting back into the habit. I’m pretty sure my mum is sick of me cooking chicken and having Tupperware full of that and sweet potatoes in the fridge!

On top of my macros I have my full resistance and cardio workouts planned out. Now, we all know how much I enjoy my cardio ‘hmm’. The resistance training I love, with all my being I could spend all the hours left of my life in the weights section of the gym. Stick me on the cardio side of the gym and we have a completely different situation! This is taking some getting used to, don’t get me wrong I am doing it. I’ll be honest though, I pretty much say the F* word throughout the full duration of it! I’ve just switched from the stationary bike to a spin bike, did enjoy the spin bike a bit more. At least I can put together new playlists and practice class playlists before I make my clients do them ‘two birds, one stone and all that’!

I have noticed I really have to get into my own head when I do my cardio, I can easily pump myself up to do a weights session. With the cardio I really do get horrible with myself, but it works. I’m not saying this will work for everyone, but it does me. I just tell myself to go to work and get the F*ing job done. If I feel really out of it and lacking that motivation I think about all the people who have judged me, those people who said I would never achieve anything, those people who called me a freak, a weirdo…and it fuels me to get it done. Why does it fuel me? Because I damn well want to show them what I’m made of! I’m not a ‘label’ you can’t stereo-type me…and I’m going to prove you all wrong.

Being cruel to be kind, even if you call yourself the worst swear word you know to get the job done

By no mean feats is this easy, during the first week I looked at myself in the mirror and really asked myself ‘can I do this’. I started having doubts that I wasn’t strong enough, I didn’t have the willpower and I just wouldn’t be able to achieve this mammoth goal I have set myself.

I then have to remind myself of what I have achieved in year, I only qualified as a Personal Trainer 5months ago and I already have clients wanting to work with me. The clients I have had for a while now are continuously losing weight, gaining strength and are feeling better about themselves. I have to remind myself what a difference I can make to someone,then I remember that I’m not weak and I can achieve anything I put my mind too.

Anything you want in life is a mind game, your mind will tell you ‘it’s not possible’ however your body is capable of doing the job! It all starts with self belief, without self belief we won’t achieve anything because you do not think you ‘deserve it’. Guess what, you do deserve it! You deserve it more than you can possibly imagine. I live by one motto;

You are stronger than you think, Believe in YOU.

You are the root to all change, if you want something, work for it! If you put the effort in and work hard you will reap the rewards.Its hard to give yourself that self recognition, but as soon as you do it you will never look back.

So that’s where I’m at so far, swearing at myself during cardio on a spin bike and being happy go lucky while pressing out 65KG on the leg press. Odd eh?!

I will keep you updated with bits and pieces that I am doing, be sure to keep an eye on my instagram as I will mainly be putting my progress pictures on there! I don’t get to tweet as often as I would like as my diary is getting chocca with clients and my personal training but I will try to tweet a bit more to keep you guys in the loop, and of course I will try do a blog each week with new struggles I am finding out through prep.

Hope you all are having a fab week and stay safe with this horrid weather! I’ll put some progress pictures below, then each time I do a blog update I will show you how I am getting on!

Take care guys xo


Post workout ‘collapse’ on the mats


Baby moo’s as I like to call them, bit of calve progression!


First Bikini pictures after Week one of prep!

What happened to 2013?

Wow! Hi guys!

Firstly I must apologise for my sheer lack of updates! How have you all been?

So it’s 2014 already (that came round quick)! I also totally missed my usual ‘start to the year’ resolutions! I can’t even remember what I set myself last year!

Needless to say I did set some, one I have already achieved *hurrah*! I really enjoy having varied workouts & challenging my body, so 2014 I decided it was about time I went back to Pole Fitness! I absolutely love it, I first did it seven years ago but had to give up, I then restarted four years ago but then a change in my job situation meant I had to give it up again. So that is it! I have restarted, & I am determined to stay this time! Here’s a little something I’ve managed to pick up in the three weeks I’ve been back!

Not bad eh? It still needs perfecting but I’m so much happier in myself now I’m back doing something I enjoy!

key part of fitness, you must enjoy what you are doing!

I am also currently deciding which courses I would like to attend this year. So far I have my eye on a Kettlebell course & an advanced nutrition course.

Now I have a bit more experience working with individuals I am really starting to see how little nutritional guidance is actually available. Food is generally everyone’s weakness, your not alone! My weakness is chocolate & bakery goods such as cookies & cake! If I buy it, I’ll eat it all day & neglect the things I should be eating. So that’s the plan batman!

I am also contemplating competing again this year. I say contemplating as I have bursitis in my left shoulder which is giving me a fair amount of jib! I can have a day where I feel fabulous, then other days I want to cry. I have found doing light weight exercises for my rotator cuff helps loosen it up, but then my arm is sore & I find it difficult to lift a cup of tea!

I have muddled along for awhile now but I’m now booked in for a physio session to try correct my scapula, engage the correct muscles & really start to strengthen it up. Not so I can go beast mode in the free-weights, oh no! Just so I can function & lift my arm up without wincing straight after then having to wiggle my shoulder back into place. Yes, that happens. It occasionally pops & clicks too!!

The other route I’ve decided to try is a deep tissue massage, as my tendons are inflamed I thought a massage might just help release some tension. I am fully aware it’s going to feel like hell during the massage, I’m just hoping some of the tightness & tension will ease after it.

So that’s why I’m still ‘contemplating’ I am however still prepping for shows in April/May. That way I can still be ready to compete as long as my shoulder plays nicely! Currently this week I am still in maintenance but I am back tracking my intake. First week of February is where it all begins, so I’m making the most of the mini creme eggs now!!

dreams are supposed to be big & don’t let anyone tell you they are not achievable

So as I mentioned last year I passed my level three personal training qualification *whoo*!! I can honestly say I love it! I love being able to help people, & making someone feel better about themselves is the best feeling in the world!

I have a couple of ladies now who are all seeing results, all going the right way!! I also love giving someone their power back, it’s so easy to feel as if you have failed when you get off track & start to put the weight on. I’m here to tell everyone you’ve not failed, you are worth it & be empowered by what you can achieve! You need to know you are worth it before you will believe it, & that’s where I step in!

It’s the most rewarding job I have EVER had!! I enjoy seeing my clients every session! I’ve never looked forward to going to work, does that make me one of those crazy fitness people now?

I also need to get some more reviews & recipes for you all, if you have anything you would like reviewing let me know!

I did not finish the Semtex review fully, I just did not manage to take it as I should so it would not have been fair to do final results. I will however pick it back up this year as I still have enough to do a full months review, I just need to be in the right routine!

Here’s a finishing progress picture for you all, I’m mainly doing two maybe three spin classes per week, one hour of pole fitness & two maybe three weight training sessions (at the moment). One more week til I start proper prep & change the resistance work up a bit!

Have an awesome weekend guys xo


Tasty Nutrition For Weight Loss – Guest Post

Hi Guys,

Hope you are well! Sorry for not checking in, things have got a bit crazy here! Exciting crazy and I will reveal all soon. Today I am posting up a ‘Guest Post’ from The Supplement Centre, It’s something I am hoping to do a little more….so if you have something you would like to say let me know and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

Enjoy guys


Tasty nutrition for weight loss


Weight loss has a reputation for being a long, slow and bland affair. Unfortunately for us many of life’s dietary indulgences are prime candidates for adding pounds straight to our already expanding waistlines.

It sometimes seems that all the really tasty things out there are on the naughty list – chocolate, biscuits, beer, wine, crisps, pizzas. In fact, all the makings of a great evening at home or out with friends are pretty much forbidden.

Doesn’t life seem a bit spiteful at times?


Don’t despair


However, amongst the dizzy heights of high-fat, high-sugar taste bud fests, there are still a few hidden gems. These treat foods could be your salvation; the answer to your midnight tummy rumbles and the solution to making guilt-free meals.


Here are a few of the cornerstones of tasty nutrition for weight loss.


  • Lentils – These red or green stocking fillers are an absolute treat. Use them instead of rice and you’ll never go back. They have more flavour, are just as filling and have about a quarter of the carbs of white or brown rice. Pop a stock cube in the pot when you cook them to really bring out their flavour.


  • Sweet potatoes – The low carb wonder. You can mash them, make wedges in the oven for a snack or bake them to go with salad and tuna. In fact, anything you can do with a potato, you can do with a sweet potato. The only drawback is they’re a less convenient shape for carving potato stamps with your kids. Ah well!


  • Nuts – High in protein and low in carbs, this is one super satiating snack. Put them on the dinner table when friends come round and explain to everyone why crisps are so last year and how the brazil nut is so 2013.


  • Veg – Bread sticks and hummus? Tasty but fatty. Raw veggies and tzatziki? Healthy, nutritious and low in fat and carbs. Treat yourself and look classy at the same time.


  • Health bars – Whilst health bars and whey protein shakes can be a healthy addition to your weight loss diet, make sure you read the labels first. That innocent looking bar could include your days sugar allowance, so be smart and read up before you chow down.


  • Booze – Unfortunately alcohol is very high in calories. If you insist on having a drink then a gin and slimline tonic, light beer or a very dry red are your best bets. Steer well clear of sweet white wines, lagers and ales, unless you want to look like a beer barrel yourself.


Be prepared


The key to dieting is what’s in your fridge, as ultimately, that’s what ends up in your tummy.


So making sure you have the right food to hand when you most need it is crucial. Start now by writing down some of these ideas, then shop accordingly next week and you’ll have no choice but to eat differently.

The most important thing to remember is that weight loss efforts don’t need to be bland, dry and unappealing. Your healthy diet can be juicy, filling and nutritious as well as good for your waistline.


 Sweet potato

Holy Mother Semtex – Three weeks in & some NKT work!

Hi Guys,

How have you all been? So I’m three weeks into my review, I won’t lie…I’ve not been as strict as what I wanted to be. My birthday was bang-smack in the middle and due to my shoulder I have been very restricted weight training wise. I did have a week of nothing but spin classes, that didn’t half kick my backside! I also missed taking semtex on a couple of occasions due to work/time of day. Obviously with it being so high in caffeine I don’t fancy taking it past 4/5pm. I also like to make sure I have drunk at least 1litre of water before taking it, just to be on the safe side. I haven’t noticed any bad side effects from taking it, I am still currently only taking 1 capsule a day but I will increase this next week now that I know I do not have any adverse reactions to it.

There has only been one occasion where I have had a reaction, and this was due to being de-hydrated. I didn’t consider how much I’d drunk that day and took 1 capsule, about 30-40mins later I started to feel extremely warm, my skin went red and I found it hard to breathe. As soon as I started to drink more water and had a bite to eat I was fine. This is why it is so important to remain hydrated while taking this supplement. If you want to ensure you have no reaction, drink 1L of water and have a bite to eat before taking it.

My diet plan has not been ‘clean’ I have eaten balanced meals but I also have not deprived myself of any treats (naughty Amy). Now all birthdays are out the way I will be getting back on track, I have been shopping so the shelves are stocked with healthy goodies! …do oat cakes and humus count as goodies? Training wise I am still restricted but I will be doing lower body resistance work 2/3 times per week with cardio 2/3 times per week also.

So, how is the mirror test going I hear you cry! ….have a look;

Week 1 to week 3

Week 1 to week 3

I personally can’t notice a huge change, but I can see a slight toning up. I’m happy with this as I wouldn’t want it to drop rapidly as it is more likely to come back on just as fast! What do you guys reckon?

I have taken stats every Monday, I have tried to do it at roughly the same time but unfortunately due to work commitments I have not been able to do it spot on at the same time every week!

My stats from week two were;

2nd September    



Difference in 1 week


8stone 1LB

+ 1LB

Body Fat %


– 3.3%

Water %


+ 1.0%

Muscle Mass

6stone 4LB

+ 2LB

Physique Rating





+ 24cals

Metabolic Age



Bone Mass



Visceral Fat



You can see my weight actually increased by 1LB but my body fat percentage actually came down by 3.3% and I gained 2LB of muscle mass. A few of my results stayed the same but I expected those to not be effected .

Week three is slightly different;

9th September    



Difference in 1 week



7stone 13LB

– 3LB


Body Fat %


– 3.6%


Water %


+ 2.5%


Muscle Mass

6stone 7LB

+ 3LB


Physique Rating






+ 22cals


Metabolic Age




Bone Mass




Visceral Fat





After i weighed myself on the 2nd September I actually did four spin classes that week which I believe is what has impacted my results. I am however unsure about my body fat percentage as I have not noticed a drastic change in my mirror test, my clothes don’t fit any different so It will be interesting to see what my result is on Monday 16th September. I will be weighing myself after teaching another spin class…spin class crazy me at the minute! So, back to my results! My weight dropped by another 3LB, again my body fat percentage I am unsure of how accurate that is just because it is a big drop! My water percentage has increased, personally this is great as I never used to drink enough so now I am making sure I drink a minimum of 2L a day. My muscle mass has increased again by 3LB, my BMR is also slowly creeping up and I am requiring more calories per day just to remain in homeostasis. Again some of my results have stayed the same.

So, over three weeks it looks a little like this;

Difference in 3 weeks  




– 3LB

Body Fat %

– 4.9%

Water %

+ 3.5%

Muscle Mass

+ 5LB

Physique Rating



+ 46cals

Metabolic Age


Bone Mass


Visceral Fat


Again, like I said above I am unsure about last weeks body fat percentage measurement. It is either down to a technical error or all the spin classes have actually melted my fat away! We’ll find out on Monday 😉

I personally do not get this ‘surge’ of energy from Semtex that everyone talks about, however…I am only taking 1 capsule at a time so this may be the result of that!

That is Semtex so far, the biggest tip I have is ensure you are drinking PLENTY of water….if not, you’ll end up looking like a red pillar box!


Like I mentioned in the title I also experienced some NKT this week. Yes, I know….you are all currently going ‘I’m sorry, what the heck is NKT?!’ …It stands for Neurokinetic Therapy…..the best explanation I can find is;

‘Neuro Kinetic Therapy is based on a chiropractic technique called Applied Kinesiology, and the Touch for Health approach to holistic wellness’

short and sweet I know! My understanding of it is; they try to find which muscles are not firing, so which muscles are not working or not supporting. So effectively, which muscles are not doing their job properly! I might have explained that wrong, but hopefully I haven’t!

I popped over to B-Physical in Harrogate to See Nathan Garnham, as you all know I am having horrendous problems with my left shoulder…and I have been for a few months now! I am still awaiting a full scan at hospital, however I was interested to see what Nathan could pick up on and most importantly see if there was anything he could do for me. So here’s a little review of my experience down at the studio with him.

Nathan was really welcoming, made me feel at ease which is a hard thing to do. I always get a bit tense when I go to see people when I have issues. He took some details down about what I had been experiencing and where my pain was mainly. He then analysed my posture while standing still and also while performing a squat. I won’t lie, you do feel like you are being over analysed. Ever had that dream when you go to school and you’re in your underwear? Yup, that’s how you’ll feel 😉 He took his time to analyse my posture and didn’t rush through anything which was great, I always feel like I’m being rushed by health professionals so it was nice for someone to take the time to really analyse my problems. Well, it turns out my posture isn’t all that great *oops*.

We then got onto looking at my shoulder, Nathan got me to perform simple movements while laying down. Exercises such as pushing my elbow down into his hand, pushing my elbow up against the pressure of his hand and also down against his hand in the opposite direction. After initially doing this he then proceeded to find which muscles were tight..and oh boy he found them! Initially my traps on my left side were very tight and sore, amazingly by putting pressure on this muscle my strength in my shoulder increased (ever so slightly, I didn’t turn into Arnie)! He then proceeded on to find out which muscles were affecting my shoulder…well, it turned out to be around 5/6 muscles. I couldn’t belive it!! Do you know what is more amazing? After releasing these muscles….I was able to do a full arm raise with my left arm, this might not seem like a big deal to you guys but I have been unable to do this for months!! He also managed to take away the dull ache I was feeling in my shoulder. I had better results within one hour of NKT than I did with four sessions of Physio on my shoulder. Don’t get me wrong, its not 100% fixed but I can feel it has improved! The following day I did kinda feel like I had been hit by a bus, and muscles he did not touch during the session ached the following day! It really goes to show how linked our muscles really are! Nathan then gave me some homework to do, I’m 28 and I still have homework to do! He gave me the list of muscles that I needed to massage and release and then to perform arm raises so my medial delt which has turned off will gradually start doing it’s job again. ‘come on you lazy delt’! I have lost a lot of my strength in my left arm due to being unable to use it, however I am very hopeful that with Nathan’s help I should be able to start doing light resistance again soon to start building my strength back up.

My experience was unbelievable, I just could not get my head round it. It is fantastic and Nathan was so helpful! I will keep you posted on how I get on with my exercises! If you wanted to have a look at what Nathan offers, his contact details can be found here..

Well, I think I have babbled on long enough here. At least you can’t say I’ve not kept you updated 😉

oh, yes…the very last thing!! I received my new shiny logo the other day, what do you guys think? Speak to you soon, take it easy xox

My New Logo :)

My New Logo 🙂





















Holy Mother Semtex, I did it!

Wow, I actually cannot believe my last post was in June! Where does time fly? How was everyone’s summer? I personally have not been up to much, mainly working and finishing courses. I do however have some time booked off in November, going to find a beach somewhere warm so I can sit and relax for ten days…although knowing me after the first day I’ll get edgy and need to do something. Why can’t I just sit and…Relax?

So what has happened since I last blogged about my life in Yorkshire? Well, I completed my college course *hurrah* I was awarded the double award of Distinction* Distinction* 😉 oh yes!! I also did some training at work on day courses; I also did a Health Assessment course (which I passed) so I can now do Health MOT’s at work. (not sure if I mentioned that last time or not) It basically is something we offer at Nuffield health; we look into your general wellbeing, energy levels, passed exercise and current exercise level, BMI, Blood Pressure, Resting Heart rate, VO2 Max, Blood glucose & cholesterol and a waist to hip ration. It was really interesting to learn and only now I’m doing them on a daily basis am I seeing how important these results are too people. It gives someone the positive reinforcement that their lifestyle change is working or it is the big neon sign telling people something needs to change in their life. Me personally? My cholesterol is slightly raised (bad Amy)!! So I am taking steps to bring this down, my blood pressure is low, my VO2 max is moderate, glucose was normal, resting heart rate is on the lower side now too. So I really need to increase the cardio, I knew this…I was just avoiding that treadmill! So instead I’ve been warming up by cycling a 5k, it currently takes me 10minutes. As soon as that time starts to come down I will know I am improving.

I am also teaching spin classes now, shocker right? I do hate to admit it, but I do kinda enjoy it! Although I have tried doing my interval training on a spin bike and I just can’t do it! There’s something about having twelve people stare at you at the front of the class with dimmed coloured lights on that actually makes me kick my own ass. So I must thank the people who come to my classes, without you I wouldn’t put in the 110% effort!

The biggest news of all? I have now passed my Personal Training assessment, so I am now a qualified Personal trainer  it is still sinking in. I can’t quite believe it, I’ve been waiting so long for it to happen and it finally has! So now I just need to find some clients, yea…I thought passing the assessment was the hard part…nope, turns out that was the easy part! So I’ve been busy putting pen to paper and deciding on what my specialist is who my client base is and what I can actually offer people! As I’ve focused on changing body composition and building lean muscle I honestly think that’s what I’m good at. I’m a free weights girl, I have been since day one and I always will be. There’s no point me kidding myself and saying ‘hey, yea I’m the best at cardio training’. I’ll be honest from day one, I am who I am…I can’t change it now!

So that was pretty exciting! I have also decided to compete in 2014, there is a Bikini class and qualifying is in April. I haven’t got the name of the hosts yet but as soon as I do I will let you guys know. Unfortunately I hurt my shoulder a few months ago, I have been seeing a physio but it is getting worse. I am now waiting for a scan at hospital to actually see what I have done to it, until then I can’t confirm if I am going to be 100% and ready for the competition. If I have damaged my shoulder I may need to take a few months out to rest, which is valuable training time. I’ve already lost three months of training due to this injury. So just lately every training session is a leg session, it is starting to drive me mad but I know my glutes and hamstrings are weak and they do need building up. It’s as if someone sent me a really messed up sign – ‘hey, guess what….I’ve just done voodoo on your shoulder so now you have to train your god damn legs’ ….yea, cheers for that! Got the message loud and clear! I was trying to build up my rear delts and triceps but I had to stop as I can’t risk doing severe or permanent damage to my shoulder.

So now, 1st September 2013 is when my training and prep begins again. I am going to do the whole diet prep/cardio/mixed up sets & reps etc however it currently will only be core and lower body work in the gym. Even If I cannot compete I would still like to strip my body fat percentage down and do a couple of photo shoots before the year is out. I’ve not done as many shoots as I wanted to, but then I did end up with a horrendous hair cut….Tip of the Day – Don’t be a hair model! I had long blonde hair….they dyed the underneath brown, cut a fringe in and did it a-symmetrical….by a-symmetrical I mean the back was at the nape of my neck and the front was stupidly long. I honestly looked like I had a backwards mullet, who would ask for that? So I wore it tied back for six months and only now is it looking ‘normal’ …or my version of normal anyway!

So to do my Bikini/Photo shoot prep I will also be reviewing some products! I have decided to purchase the twelve week bikini blast programme by Jamie Alderton from Grenade Melissa Haywood and Claire Harper have been doing Jamie’s programme and the feedback they have been giving sounds great! I also think it’s important to trial different training styles, yes my plan got me into shape for Miss Harrogate but I did not get to the point I wanted. So as I will be purchasing this programme unfortunately I will not be posting the routines/diet plan. I will however review the overall programme after the twelve weeks, and any training/nutrition that I personally do after Jamie’s plan I will more than happily post up for you guys to see!

I have also decided to review a product which has had massive attention, the transformations are unreal…so I decided I would give it a go, keep you up to date with my measurements and you guys can get a 110% complete honest, unbiased review! So what is this product? None other than Jodie Marsh’s Semtex!

Jodie Marsh's Semtex

Jodie Marsh’s Semtex

I managed to purchase two tubs over the bank holiday when it was on bogof, so effectively I have eight weeks worth. This is long enough to see if it does indeed have a positive effect on my overall body composition. Like I said, it has already had some great and some not so great reviews. Some individuals have lost stones upon stones apparently using this, where as others have had a bad reaction and have seen no change.

So as always, human guinea pig mode will commence! I will only be taking 1 capsule per day however, not the suggested 2 capsules. It is advised 2 capsules 30/45 mins prior to exercise as it is supposed to be similar to a pre-workout. On non training days you are to take 2 capsules, but 4 to 6 hours apart. Initially I will only be taking 1 per day as mentioned above, however if I have no negative reaction I may increase to 2 capsules on non-training days.  As it is spaced out I believe I personally will be able to handle it better, I don’t fancy cold sweats, the jitters or heart palpitations thank you! (this is what I’ve experienced from other fat burners, so I would much rather step on the side of caution).

I will be taking these alongside a balanced diet, high in lean protein sources and obviously plenty of weight training and aerobic interval training. I don’t want to lose any muscle so ensuring I keep a high protein diet should limit the amount of muscle broken down (I hope). Again, this I will keep track of using body composition scales. I will do a composition test once a week so I can keep an eye on it; ideally I would normally do this every 2 – 4 weeks. As I am concerned about keeping my lean muscle I will be doing it more often so I can see what effect they are having on my body.

It does state you need to drink PLENTY of water while taking these, I will be drinking at least 2litres of water on non-training days and up to 3litres on days I train. I am also cutting out coffee while I do this trial; I have trouble sleeping as it is…I don’t fancy a caffeine over-load! So goodbye coffee and tea, I’ll miss you but I’d much rather have ripped abs 😉 I will be drinking herbal teas in their absent, Twinning’s butter mint tea is amazing by the way!

What is in Semtex? This is a very good question! Per 2 capsules it has the following;

Ingredient Amount
Caffeine – from anhydrous cocoa, guarana 328mg
Brazilian cocoa extract 240mg
Capsicum (cayenne) extract 190mg
Green tea extract 40mg
Niacin (vitamin B3) 35mg
Guarana extract 24mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine 20mg
Bioperine 9mg

As I am hoping to do a ‘Fight Club’ style photo-shoot and embrace my inner Tyler Durden I have named this ‘Project Mayhem’ ….original eh? My current stats are;

Weight 8 Stone 2lb
Body Fat % 18.7%
Water Percentage 56.2%
Muscle Mass 6 Stone 2lb
Physique Rating 8
BMR 1252
Metabolic Age 12
Bone mass 0 stone 4lb
Visceral Fat Rating 1
Project Mayhem - Week 1

Project Mayhem – Week 1

Project Mayhem - Starting point

Project Mayhem – Starting point

Project Mayhem - Side Shot of Abs

Project Mayhem – Side Shot of Abs

Project Mayhem - My starting point at 18.7% body fat

Project Mayhem – My starting point at 18.7% body fat

These are my starting pictures, at 18.7% body fat I’m not at a bad starting point. As I highlighted earlier my main concern is holding onto my lean muscle, especially on my upper body as I am unable to continue to train my arms/shoulders/back. The last thing I want is to lose definition in my upper body. This will be monitored, I am unable to flex with my bad shoulder so I may have to take measurements just to ensure I am not losing too much circumference. Also checking that against my overall muscle mass each week should give me an indication as to what is happening within my body. Unfortunately I do not have internet access at the moment so if my updates are not every week I apologise, I will try my best to get them up at least every two weeks so you guys can see my progress with me. I currently have to use my data on my phone as internet to upload this for you today!

So here goes, wish me luck guys and I really hope I do give you guys more information on this product which you may or may not have already found online!

And just to end, here is a picture of me and some friends on a night out!

Peace out guys, any questions hit me up at  & don’t forget to pop over to facebook and like my page 🙂 Amy Lee Fitness

Monthly rock night, out with some friends to dance, dance and dance!

Monthly rock night, out with some friends to dance, dance and dance!