Motivation – What can we do when we lose our way?

Good morning guys, hope everyone is well and has some great plans this weekend! I wanted to highlight something a little different with this post, and it’s something that is rarely brought up in the fitness industry. At least I don’t feel it’s brought up enough – emotional wellbeing.

Anyone who thinks a fitness journey is just nutrition and exercise is very wrong, our emotional and mental wellbeing can play a massive part in our motivation, how we see ourselves and if we allow ourselves to succeed or fail.

I’ve been unwell this week so all training/fitness nutrition/supplements have totally been put on hold. Having a sickness virus that puts you on the floor is horrendous, having this and a ten month old who relies on you for everything drains every ounce of energy you have. Thankfully I have a great support network and my little man was watched by Grandma while i got some much-needed rest!

Fitness is Fitness – why are you talking about emotional wellbeing?

It really isn’t, our emotional state drives us to take our next step. Lets take my example, I’ve been unwell and unable to eat like I normally would. This means I’m eating decreased calories and I have decreased energy, I’m actually worried about my next workout. ‘What if I struggle’, ‘what if I can’t lift as heavy’, ‘what if I make an idiot of myself?’.

This is where WE need to change it up – ‘what if I smash that workout’, ‘what if I hit a personal best’, ‘What if I inspire someone to start their fitness journey’. Our emotional state is not set in stone, unless we let it. As individuals we need to be able to inspire ourselves, our self inspiration should light a fire of determination.

-Comparison is the thief of joy –

We live in a social media world, it’s so easy to connect with so many different people in completely different walks of life. Barb over there looks bikini ready 24/7, her hair is always on point and she looks like she’s just walked off a catwalk. That’s great, and we should use this as inspiration. When we start comparing ourselves and our lives to everyone’s highlight reel is where we all fall down. We start questioning ‘why’, and we shouldn’t. At the end of the day, you are not Barb, you are you. The only person who can change you, is you. Did I seriously get enough you’s in there?!

Do we see my point? We can’t pull other people down because they have something we don’t have, or they’ve achieved something we haven’t. If you put YOUR mind to it, you can achieve it. Anything is possible, you just have to believe it is and believe you deserve it in life.

Cheers for the pep-talk, now let’s get my motivation on track

The first step to keeping motivated is remembering why you’re doing it. If you have no why, you won’t be bothered by the how. I always ask my clients what their short-term goal is –

What do you want to achieve in three months?

Cool beans, you have a short-term goal. What do you want to achieve in six months? Awesome, we have a mid-term goal. Now what do you want to achieve by month twelve?

By separating our goals into short-term and long-term this can help us stay motivated. If you wanted to lose say four stone in a year but that was your only goal you’re going to lose track, you’re not accountable in the NOW you’re too busy looking at the WHEN.

We always have that end goal in sight, but by breaking it into little chunks makes it easier to manage. Having shorter goals keeps us focused, it also helps you evaluate where you are in your journey. It makes it easier for adjustments to your nutrition and training.

Set those alarms

Now this is personal preference for me but training early in the morning is amazing. It boosts those energy levels and gives you that post workout buzz for the day. Work and life commitments will affect this, but how many times have you finished work, got in your car and sacked off the gym because you didn’t have the energy. Set those alarms an hour early and even if you get a quick half hour HIIT session in you’re set for the day. You will also be amazed how great you feel for getting your session done and complete for the day.

Buddy up

Not always an option but buddy up! Even if it’s once a week, that’s one workout you can’t skip out on. A great way to do it is set a day and time for the gym, confirm the day/night before then no phone! That way you can’t message last-minute to bail, you have to be accountable and you have to show. I personally meet one of my girls on a Saturday morning and we workout together, its great working out with someone you’re coaching as you keep each other motivated. It’s also a perfect time to work on technique and you’re able to demonstrate more complicated exercises. They also get to laugh at you while you’re struggling to finish a set so it’s great for boosting moods too!

Can’t find a gym buddy – then make one!

I generally train on my own through the week mainly because I don’t have anyone who goes at the same time as me. If this sounds similar but you dislike training on your own a class could be your best friend. I’m personally not a huge fan of classes, but that’s because I like to do my own thing at my own pace. However, classes are a great place to see new faces, get chatting to people and you’ll be amazed how motivating the atmosphere is! I used to teach up to five spin classes a week when I was a full-time personal trainer, that is the one class I miss. I loved shouting at people over horrendously loud techno music. Yes, I brought techno back – I also made a stretch class listen to the 50 shades of grey soundtrack. I have no music shame.

Use social media for its benefit – Fitspiration

No comparing people, but finding individuals on social media who inspire you is a great motivational tool. As weird as it sounds, set their photo as your phone background, your laptop background or on your fridge. Have it somewhere to remind you what you’re striving for! I have a few girlies I follow on instagram who are huge inspirations, I’m constantly wanting to work on my physique so I can be the best version of myself and these girls just remind me to work hard and I will reach those goals. It also stops me from eating a whole bar of chocolate when I see how toned their abs are – casually putting the white chocolate easter egg away. Yes, I still have easter eggs! I ration them out for mini treats, self-control is a wonderful thing!

Hope I’ve not bamboozled you guys with a jargon filled post of you’s, you’s and you! Just remember to focus on you (see, I’m at it again). At the end of the day, no one can achieve the goals you set for you. If your motivation is low and you’re struggling reach out, take some down time and go for a coffee and chat it out. Talking is an amazing healer, but so is exercise.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it helps in some way, please drop me a like or a comment if you’ve enjoyed it and don’t forget to pop over to instagram to see what I’m up to-day to day – Peace xo


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