Six Week Strength Programme – The Results

Good Morning you lovely lot! Firstly I’m going to apologise for the lack of posts lately! I posted up the MyProtein Granola review on the 12th May, seriously where has time gone?! Back to it now, I’m finally over the horrendous bug I managed to be stuck with for a couple of weeks and things have settled back down a little!

I thought I’d put a little post up on how I found my six-week strength programme, I wanted to keep you guys updated so much more than I actually managed too but things got a little hectic!

So here’s a little physique update;

Current Physique – 28th May 2018

So as I was poorly for at least two weeks I definitely didn’t get the results I wanted, I was unable to eat properly for a few days so I was well under my calorie goal. I had to skip out on some training sessions and rest, but my overall wellbeing and being able to look after my little man takes priority every time!


Amy results.png

I took my weight and full body measurements at the start and the end of my six weeks, I didn’t alter the end date even though I hadn’t managed to get the sessions in I wanted. All in, I lost 1lb! Not the way I wanted the scales to go, but it is what it is. My body fat % also decreased by 0.2% which wasn’t my goal but I’ll take it! I was really surprised to see that I actually lost inches around my waist and legs also, and I managed to gain some increase around my arms.

I should point out I’d spent around sixteen weeks focusing on full body and leg dominant workouts, this six-week programme I concentrated on my upper body. I focused on arm super-sets and tri-sets to really fatigue the muscles and to push myself out of my comfort zone. It worked a treat! Although my weight didn’t increase my strength did, I was able to increase my cable exercises to over 25kg for 4 sets of 6 – 8 reps. To some this isn’t a big weight, for someone who hasn’t weight trained properly in over 3 years and is still only 11 months postpartum I’m pretty chuffed with myself. Back in December when I started my home workouts with a 6kg kettle bell I was hanging after 2 sets of anything, and back then I thought ‘how the hell did I used to deadlift my body weight, how did I teach a half hour spin class’! I kept pushing through and I’ve built my fitness levels back up, I’m nowhere near where I was or where I want to be. I am going to take this moment to appreciate the method, the handwork and celebrate what I’ve achieved though.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 00.44.02.png
Little Bicep definition
Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 00.43.34.png
When you notice back muscles you never knew you had

So I started my six-week plan on around 2200 Calories, I did this for two weeks and monitored my weight. It was still decreasing slightly so I increased them to 2500, amazingly two weeks in and my weight was still maintaining or decreasing. I then increased them to 2800 calories a day, I’m running on a moderate carbohydrate split and not swapping out for high carb or low carb at the minute. As soon as I find the sweet spot then I can start implementing carb cycling a little more, at the minute my main focus is getting balanced nutritious meals in! Every now and then I do have some take out which essentially is like a mass carb reefed haha. I’m also trying to not rely on too much processed foods to get me through the day, I found I was living out the cupboard just to get the calories in. So balanced and healthy far outweighs cramming crap down my gob because ‘well, I have the calories to eat’. It’s not an excuse to drink starbucks and eat takeout every day, I’m planning more and making more time to sit down and eat real meals – not snacks.

I have found it difficult with having an 11 month old, as he was premature we have a few doctors and hospitals appointments to go to. Then going and getting jobs done I could be out and on the go for four hours with no chance to stop and eat anything! Then as soon as we get in its straight on looking after my little man, he comes first every time and my meals go on the back burner until he’s sorted and happy.

Lunchtime I’ve been cooking up chicken stir fry with noodles, it’s something I can cook while doing his lunch and it takes 10-15 minutes max! Afternoon snacks I swap about, few days I have fruit smoothies, others I have a coffee and a snack bar.

I have been putting some of my meals up on my Instastories and on my nutrition highlights! I’ve also posted up a fair amount of the exercises I did over the six weeks to build up that upper body strength.

Last week I wrote a new training programme and I’m now focusing on full body workout sessions and lower body work. I’ve kept a handful of upper body exercises in just to maintain my strength but it’s not my focus over the next six weeks, well five now! Feeling better on 2800 calories, but it’s so much food. I’m starting to feel puffy in the evenings and I’m pretty certain I could sleep for a week haha. Some days hitting that calorie goal just isn’t possible, so I’ll keep track to try eat more over the next two days to balance it out. I did learn one thing, I’m definitely more active than I originally thought I was!! Who would’ve thought little me could me chomping down 2800 calories and maintain my body weight!! It’s all about the metabolism and muscle mass, god bless muscle memory!

Well I’ll leave it there you lovely lot, thanks for reading as always! Hoping to get back on with product reviews and some vlogs, I know how much you all must miss my stupid facial expressions ha!

Don’t forget to head over to my instagram to check out those workouts and meals if you wanted some ideas 🙂

Fingers crossed if all goes to plan I’ll do the MyProtein Pancake review this week, I have some of the Womens Best BCAA’s on route so I’ll give those a review next week! Oh and WearWolf Clothings seamless set, can not wait to receive that!! Expect an influx of selfies when that arrives.

Take it easy – xo


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