Women’s Best BCAA Product Review


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Good Morning you lovely lot!! You all voted, and I listened! Ever since I shared that first picture of the Ice Peach Tea BCAA tub I have received so many messages asking what it is, does it actually taste like Peach Ice Tea and the main question – where can I get some!!

This got over 80% of the vote so it was a super clear winner for this week!

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If anyone fancies listen to my vlog style review head over to my youtube channel by clicking here, hope you enjoy both reviews 🙂

What are BCAA’s?

I have mentioned these before, BCAA’s are classed as ‘Branch Chain Amino Acids’. Amino Acids help with maintaining and building muscle, and they cannot be produced by the body so we need to get these through our diet. Amino Acids are found in lean protein and dairy, if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet or maybe just don’t like consuming high quantities of meat and dairy a BCAA supplement is a great options. Amino Acids are absorbed directly by the muscle which means they are available straight away for energy use. I purposely bought this to mix into my water during a workout, I wanted to start the muscle recovery period as soon as I could. They taste pretty damn good too, that definitely helps!

5g per serving, that’s a small serving! Do you even get any beneficial macros?

Yes is the short answer!

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 18.44.14.png

I’ve included the full ingredient and nutritional info above, their nutritional information goes off 100g. I have however hunted down, far and wide – not really. I checked My Fitness Pal and the side of the tub, and I have the nutritional information for a 5g serving;


Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 19.04.47.png

To say it’s such a small amount you use per serving you do get a decent protein hit for it! Also working 13cals into your daily intake won’t be too drastic.

Breakdown is looking good, lets hear it for the taste test

I previously tried the My Protein Peach Ice Tea BCAA but I didn’t rate it, I got two sachets to try and they never had a larger pouch available and after using the two sachets I just wasn’t feeling it! I used to have Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy which also had caffeine in, but I used to use that when I taught back to back spin classes starting from 6:30am!

As soon as you open the tub you get that peach tea smell, and it’s a delightful smell! Shake it up and it looks like ice tea, honestly if you told someone it was peach tea made with sweetener I doubt they would notice the difference. I was super surprised how nice it tasted, like I said in my blog I’d seen Women’s Best in boots for ages but I honestly thought it was just one of those brands that kicked about in boots and super drug – how wrong was I!

It makes drinking water enjoyable if you dislike the taste of plain water, and you get that added bonus of the BCAA’s in there! It’s definitely something I’m going to be keeping on my re-order list! Everytime I was training I was putting no added sugar squash in just because I find water boring, I like to have some flavour. I actually can’t wait to try some of the other flavours, they all sound fresh and refreshing – something you’d want to drink during a workout!

Overall a great product, I personally don’t think the price tag is bad for this seen as you get 40 servings in one tub! It also tells you exactly how it is, it doesn’t have to pretend to be something else – it is peach ice tea flavoured bcaa’s and they’re bloody lovely!

Kept it nice and short for the first blog and vlog back after my mini break, I say mini break I mean recovery. Fingers crossed now everything has calmed down a little I can get back into a routine of sharing two blog posts a week with you guys 🙂 I’ve got a couple of vlog ideas – we’ll see how that works out!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the review, if you go and buy the BCAA’s let me know and let me know what flavour you’ve gone for!! Sorry I don’t have a code to give you all, if you want to drop me a message I can find one for you though 🙂

Have an awesome weekend guys – xo


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