New Plan – New Progress

Good morning 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well, everything over here as been chaos as normal – but good chaos. I’m currently eating protein waffles in bed and I have wanted to do this update since last week!

So whats it about?

My 8 week summer challenge has now ended and I’m gradually getting in results from everyone and they’ve all done amazingly! So I had a little free time so I sat down and I thought about ME. When you become a mum ‘me’ goes out the window, you’re not just you anymore. You are mum, you become a ‘we’. Seriously, even when I go for a wee my legs are apparently a super fun climbing frame – even worse when he starts to high-five the side of my bum cheek! My needs are far less important than his, he gets food before me, he gets his nap before i have a cuppa, he has play time before i have any chill time. I’m no longer the priority, and now you get my drift.

I looked back over June and I completely let my fitness slip, I was concentrating on clients and my little man – it was his first birthday so a week was due to that! I started to feel a bit down about it, the gym is my stress release so I’ve been a complete grumpy mare. I’ve been eating what I wanted and not fussed too much about hitting my macros, I did try stay within my calorie goal however ‘try’ being a key word.

I decided to look after me. I’m still trying to put weight on and build muscle, I know physically you can only gain 1lb muscle per week down to our genetic make up but I actually think 0.5lb is more realistic for me and my amazingly crazy lifestyle.

Planning, planning, planning

Proper planning prevents piss poor performance – something to live by! I managed to spend a  couple of days really focusing and nailing down a full training plan for myself. I’ve created it into a full pack just like I do all my clients so I’m making myself accountable, accountable for all my actions be it being on track or loosing sight of my end goal.

I guess you’re reading this because you want to know what I’m doing right? That’s cool, I like to share sharing’s caring, but these goals are personalised to me so I won’t be divulging every aspect of my personal plan.

Workouts, what is the crack with my training days. Previously I focused on full body workouts every session. This was during my fat loss stage – by incorporating the big muscle groups of the lower body you can create challenging workouts and also burn more calories. Then my 6 week strength programme (that didn’t quite go to plan as I was unwell) I did a lot of lower body focus, I’d worked my upper body quite a lot and I felt as though I had lost the strength in my legs I used to have – not to mention the definition.

Now, I’m training three times a week. This is manageable and achievable for me, every plan you do must be achievable. If you plan to workout 5 times a week but actually your lifestyle only allowed 2 – it’s not a realistic goal so the plan won’t work! Be honest with yourself and what you can nail down for yourself.

So I’ve decided to do an upper body focus day, a lower body focus day and a full body day. My upper body and lower body days are very strength focused, using various equipment. My full body day is more based around free weights and super sets and trisets. I’ve decided to use free weights on my full body day to also focus on stability and mobility work – this day will most likely be lighter weights but more conditioning/functional work. I don’t just want to be fit in the gym and look good, I want to be physically and mentally fit to run around with my little boy, to climb the monkey bars and to teach him being active is fun and enjoyable.

Nutrition – I’ve written myself a fully structured 7 day meal plan set to my personal calorie goal and macro breakdowns. I’ve set myself high carbohydrate, moderate carbohydrates and low carbohydrate days – I have written a post about the benefits of carb cycling, have a little scroll down to find that if you’re interested. I’ve given myself two low carb days, these are my rest days where I have nothing planned and I generally just potter around doing light house work and watching my little boy so I don’t require high amounts of carbohydrates as I don’t need that extra energy. I have three moderate carb days, these days I’m more active and one of these days is a training day so the extra energy definitely helps. Lastly I’ve got two high carb days – I do enjoy a high carb day haha. One of these days is for my full body workout where I will be burning more calories, as I will be using majority of my muscle groups in one workout all the energy will be a great help to power through and recover from that workout.

I’m currently on 2800 Calories, I’m waiting until the weekend to see how my body has adapted after two full weeks of the plan. You have to give yourself time to get into the routine and for your body to react to what you’re doing. If my weight has decreased or maintained I will go up to 3000 calories (so much food), then I will monitor my progress over the following two weeks.

Starting Stats and physique

Ok, so these are actually after about 9/10 days of starting the plan. At least I got them fairly close to the start!!

That’s all my current stats, I was pretty impressed to see that my weight has increased but my measurements have decreased. Nice little nod to the early muscle-building stage, I’m pretty happy with my starting point and coming to the close of week 2 I’m feeling pretty confident.

I’ve got my focus back which I’m excited about, my clients are the biggest motivation anyone could ask for! I’m striving to improve myself everyday whilst building a business and career for myself from scratch. I don’t have a big following behind me, and I also don’t have anyone publicising my feed. It’s just me, so thank you to every single person who has followed my journey so far, thank you to everyone who engages in my posts and thank you to my clients who have the trust and faith in me to help them achieve their goals!

I’ve documented my journey from day 1 on this blog from starting to workout and try supplements to educate myself and train to work in the fitness industry. We’ve had some pretty harsh lows but we’ve also had some amazing highs!

Here’s to the next 10 weeks, are you ready for a bumpy ride? This isn’t going to be easy, but as always – I’ll be keeping you updated!

Thanks for reading guys, Peace – Amy xo


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