Women’s Best – Protein Creme review

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Hi guys,

how are we all doing? Another day, another review coming at’cha! So I thought I’d get my hands on some of the Women’s Best Protein Creme to do a little comparison with the Grenade Carb Killa Spread.

Protein Spread Vs. Protein Spread

Ok, the bonus of Boots selling Women’s Best is I can now use my boots points to buy supplements – what a day to be alive! My supplement cupboard is also looking very pink these days, which I must say I do quite like! Who doesn’t want a colourful supplement cupboard?

Women’s Best Protein Creme you get 250g – Grenade Carb Killa you get around 360g, so you do get more with Grenade however you do pay for it! Women’s Best is £5 and Grenade is £6.99. So lets break it down and get to the important part.

Hit me with that Nutritional Jargon

I’m one step ahead here, and I decided to do a little montage – just like so;

Protein Creme comparison.jpg

Easy comparison right? I won’t lie, when I first had a little look at the Protein Creme I didn’t think the macros were as good as Carb Killa – how wrong was I?!

I like to compare products by 100g as ‘serving sizes’ do generally vary, so lets break it down 90’s boy band style!

Calories – Protein Creme has 1 extra calorie, yup 1 whole calorie!

Protein – Protein Creme rocking an impressive 21g – that’s 1g more than Carb Killa – so that evens the score.

Carbohydrates – Protein Creme representing with 31.7g – Grenade tipping those scales at 35g! Who thought the spread advertised as Low Carb actually has more carbs?!

Fat – Protein Creme 39.9g, 1.9g more then Carb Killa. Ok, Carb Killa wins this one!

Sugar – Protein Creme 2.2g which considering this is per 100g is this a pretty impressive amount, Carb Killa has 5.6g!!

Now I’ve compared the Milk Chocolate variety of both of these to try to make it as fair as possible, obviously they both offer different flavours which the nutritional info will differ.

But can we just take a moment to process this – the little pink tub on the shelf with no fancy tag lines is actually a lower carb, lower fat, lower sugar, higher protein option than the tub with all the tag lines!

Seriously, my mind is blown! I didn’t expect it at all, I just thought this would be a nice treat then when I head over to Tesco’s I’d stock up on Carb Killa. No no no my friends, I’ve found a keeper for my cupboard!

Cool beans, those macros look good – Taste any good?

The first ingredient in Protein Creme is sweetener, this did throw me off a little – and they use palm oil (doesn’t say sustainable so I’m going to research into this). These are my only niggles with the ingredients.

I was expecting a super sweet hit when I tried this but I was actually pleasantly surprised. Yea it tastes of chocolate but it’s not overly sweet, it’s not sickly – it’s like nutella without the nutty taste if that makes sense.

I just had this slapped on some toasted crumpets but i bet it’s amazing on toast with some sliced banana!  Taste it’s a 8 outta 10, and it’s only an 8 because it’s not just like nutella – but with those macros it’s not going to be! definitely going to try the other flavours and just compare and see which is my fave and get that pink cupboard stocked up!!

Hope you enjoyed the little review and comparison guys! Advice from today – don’t always believe the claims fitness companies make, read between the lines and do some research! I will be doing from now on 🙂

Amy – XO


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