Maximuscle Progain Product Review

Hi guys, hope we're all ready for the heat wave this week! It'll probably get to 19degrees, but lets face it that's better than the weather we've been having!! Enough about our Yorkshire weather, decided on an alternative protein shake review for you all! Ok, totally wrong time to talk about bulk phase but I... Continue Reading →


Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Bar Product Review

Hi guys, hope you all had an awesome weekend! It's product review time again *wohoo*, this week I decided to give you a protein bar review. I didn't bother with the poll again, I just figured I'd do a review for something that's more practical to carry around with you. As always, if you prefer... Continue Reading →

Three Years of Silence

Good morning guys, long time no type! It's felt like forever since I sat myself behind a keyboard and put words on a screen (can't really say pen to paper). I had this written up and ready to go at 1am....but then my app decided to crash on my phone and I lost it all... Continue Reading →

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